A-Clasik, born Antwion Benjamin is a Carson, California native who burst on to the Los Angeles rap scene a few years ago with his fists up ready to fight for his spot in the industry. He is a true Californian, through and through, calling several cities home at different points in his life including Inglewood, San Pedro, Fontana and more. He’s taken something from every place he’s been physically and mentally and poured it into his music for the world to hear.
A-Clasik, like any other young man living in an urban environment, has encountered and overcome many challenges in his short years and that’s exactly what his new album No Guts No Glory is about. This album is about sheer resilience. A-Clasik speaks on issues that almost any person, from any background can relate to. He tells stories of relationships, determination, family and many more topics that everyday people deal with on a regular basis. This fiery young artist is telling a story, and letting anyone with an ear to listen and know that sometimes your happy ending isn’t just handed to you. He’s telling them that sometimes you have to fight for it.
Besides building this coming of age album, A-Clasik has also been keeping himself busy perfecting his second love: producing. He has been in the studio cooking up tracks with some definite unsigned hype. Some recent projects that he has produced are Major Before the Deal Vol. 2 and the 5 Shots mixtape, both for rap artist Maccnifasent. He has also produced such tracks as “Vibrating the Concrete” by Young World and “B-More Like Me” by Mic-G. These are just a few examples of A-Clasik’s production work, there are many more to name and much more to come.
This young man is just at the beginning of his journey and is going full steam ahead. He is learning the ropes and paying dues like everyone else. Now unsigned, after deciding to part ways with CF Music Group/Universal due to management differences, A-Clasik still has his eyes on the prize. He is jumping all of the hurdles and working hard to leave his mark in the game. No Guts No Glory is just one notch in his musical belt and you will undoubtedly see more from this man. The story isn’t over, it’s just begun to be told.